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I originally started my entrepreneurship career within the entertainment industry as a Rapper with EB's Finest E.N.T back in 2009, which was established by my mother (Glenda Banks) the Founder as well as my dad (Leon Banks) the Co-Founder. Early on my mother and mentor started to realize my passion was in fashion and not music and began to put me into fashion shows with their guidance. 

My journey as a model became to a halt when I became a mom at the age of 24. Motherhood immediately became my priority. My drive became more aggressive for modeling after the birth of my son. For the last 12 years, I have been working as a versatile model. I am and have been a freelance model for my entire modeling career. I not only have a huge passion for the Runway but I love being in front of the cameras, coaching and mentoring. 

I have done countless podcast interviews, photo shoots, fashion shows, but I also enjoy creative projects like bodypaint and even underwater shoots. Some of my biggest accomplishments involved working for Uncle Murder the Rap Artist, shooting with Anthony Anderson, and Charity Fashion Show events one, in particular, was for Haiti, two of my biggest shows were Boujie Boutique Paris Fashion Week, Los Angeles TME Fashion Week, I have been featured in several articles such as BlackHawk, Bold Journey and Voyage, Making it to the TimeSquare Billboards in 2021 as well as 2023 as well as being published in several Magazines including Los Angeles. 

Still having those close connections within the music industry allowed me to Embark on the music industry which opened opportunities to become a video vixen in Music videos. This allowed me to extend my skills to dancing. My first appearance as a dancer was in music artist Rah Banks' (my younger brother's) " For Ya Love" music video. I then gained the opportunity to work with Nadeem Waheed also known as Daniels Leather located in NYC. Not only did we become close friends but I also continued to work for him as one of his models. He creates many of the best Fur and leather coats for everyone including celebrities such as Remy Ma, Yandy, Noreaga, Lil Meech, Ashanti, GoRilla, Fivio and many more. 

My involvement in the community started when I became involved in OYTI as a mentee back in 2011 and since then it has transformed into “Forever Girls Inc” which both were founded by Takeisha also known as Ms. Truth (my mentor). Forever Girls produced some of the State of New Jersey's most elite leaders within the many industries to give one-on-one mentoring to young and older teens. Having this safe place for them allows us to provide adequate resources per mentee needs. FGI is driven by a single goal and that's to make the world a better place for all. With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. In 2022 I became one of the mentors in the “Beauty & Brains” department for the Forever Girls Inc. Organization. As of 2023 I am now the Assisting Managing Director of Forever Girls Inc Organization. My involvement in the community continues today in 2023 as a Model Coach for Bella Bebe Models (Bellaversity) which was founded by Kendra. Kendra is a self-taught adult/children’s apparel designer and mentor. Kendra has developed a community program that provides a Safe space for young girls to enjoy the world of fashion while being part of a sisterhood focused on positivity & community service. 

I have expanded my experiences into acting. I’ve played as an extra actor in many popular TV Shows such as Law & Order, Power Book II & III “Raising Kanan” and Ghost which also feature a scene where she works with the Famous Hip Hop Artist Douge Fresh, Dr. Death, and Diarra From Detroit where she has worked with Morris Chestnut. Today she has started her own sneaker and heel line called the T. Banks & Teina B’s. Having the ability for versatility as a model makes me the perfect fit for many different projects and that alone is what uniquely allows me to stand out from the rest. I bring my energy and passion to every project I work on. I must say, It’s amazing to be booked for one role and to have your role be changed on set to a feature role; it’s like getting a promotion sort of speak. God is first in everything I have done and will do, continuously making me realize that “what’s for me, will always be for me” and there is nothing I cannot accomplish and master without my hard work, dedication, and prayer. 

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